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Our Events in Eisenach

You are looking for events for yourself or your group in Eisenach and its surroundings? Here you will find an overview of the diverse offers you can make use of during your stay at our house. Various leisure activities will make your stay in Thuringia an interesting experience.

The offered events addresses the life of Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformation and the daily laccoife during medieval times. Our interactive workshop program helps exploring the history of Thuringia, develops movies about the Protestant Reformation or depicts the life during medieval times by using the method of role playing. All of our workshops are individually customized and require a certain amount of active participation. Just then you can go on a journey to the historic past of Thuringia and become familiar with the fascinating as well as versatile history.

If you want to know more about events at the Youth Education Center Junker Jörg, feel free to contact us.


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