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Group Rooms, Apartments and More in Eisenach – Our Youth Education Center

The building of the Youth Education Center Junker Jörg was built around 1880 as a hotel and restaurant under its present name. Forty years later it was used as the center of the Movement of New Territory (“Neulandbewegung”). Since World War II it is in possession of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Thuringia (today called EKMD). During the 1980s the Youth Education Center was established. 2016 the building was renamed “Junker Jörg”. The house is linked to reformer Martin Luther nominal as well as local. It is located near the Wartburg where Luther translated the bible during 1521. We are looking forward to your visit to the Youth Education Center where you can explore its premises as well as the green outer area!

If you want to know more about house and facility, feel free to contact us.

Our House


Group Rooms